- Master of Electrical Engineering at Hanyang University - a former head of Baekje General Corporation - CEO of Future City.Con, Inc. - Establishment of the GOLDS Foundation

- Seoul National University's economics department,
  Maxwell School of Syracuse University, U.S.
- Ph.D. of Public Administration at Kyunghee
  University: A Study on the Privacy Policy
- The administrative exam(22th), former director of
  computer development at the Ministry of
  Information and Communication, general director of
   policy, information- based reviewer, technical policy
  review officer, director general of information and
  communication policy bureau, director general of
  international cooperation bureau
- Former CEO of the 4th Mobile Communications
  Consortium (KMI)

- CEO of JS Mining
- Department of Law, Cheongju University
- Exploring mines in Geumsan, South
  Chungcheong Province, and Wanju County, North
  Jeolla Province
- Mining license for Jecheon Geumpung Mine,
  Geumsan Jinsan Mine