"GOLDS Coin" is a cryptocurrency, and the abbreviation is "GOLDS".

Real gold is deposited in a bank, credible and safe with a strong credit and we will issue 1 coin per 0.01gram of real gold.

You will be able to save the real gold in a credible bank vault, and 1 coin will be issued per 0.01 gram of real gold. We sell and distribute only the exact amount of gold deposited in the bank vault.

Features and uses of GOLDS

Simpler means of
trading real gold!

You do not have to transfer actual gold when buying and selling.
You can trade and exchange easily by using GOLDS.

Alternative possession
of real gold!

When you want to hold gold as an asset, you can replace it with GOLDS, which is a cryptographic cipher, instead of holding on to the actual gold.

Payment method for
application service!

You can use GOLDS as a means of payment method in case of auction of Gold Rock, another application of GOLDS platform.

Gold viewing Stone with GOLDS

The Gold viewing Stone contains more than a certain amount of gold and at the same time, it refers to gold minerals with artistic character.

At the moment, it is expected that the only mining in Jinsan mine is feasible in Korea.

Jinshan Mine is the fundamental mining site which will be the main mining of GOLDS Coin. The site owns over 6 blocks of mining rights with size of over 1,448 hectares.

The Gold Viewing Stone will be selected and exhibited with primary screening of the gold experts from the very beginning to the very end. It will be conducted through the accreditation of experts in each field.

Also, we plan to build a Gold Museum as a space to sell gold processed items in connection with the Gold Viewing Stone auction.