"GOLDS Exchange Coin" is a secondary cryptocurrency to promote the spread of "GOLDS", which is directly linked to real gold, and its abbreviation is GOLDSX.

1 / 10

GOLDSX will be issued at a tenth of the GOLDS coin price.

20 : 1

You can exchange one GOLDS coin per 20 GOLDSX coins.

The initial price of GOLDSX is one tenth of the GOLDS price to be issued at a rate of one coin per 0.01gram of real gold. After the initial issuance, the distribution price follows the actual transaction price between the holders. For GOLDSX, we have created a price stabilization device so that GOLDSX can be used faithfully for the purpose of issuance.

GOLDSX, which is exchanged with GOLDS, has already transferred its value to real gold, so it will not be distributed again and is disposed immediately after the exchange to manage the distribution and price stability of GOLDS and GOLDSX.

To facilitate the diffusion of GOLDS, the trading price of GOLDSX is on the basis of 50% of the initial issue price guaranteed by GOLDS, the gold-backed cryptocurrency.

Features and Usages of GOLDSX

GOLDSX is used as a means of payment for gold-related shopping malls, one of the Gold Museum business that will be operated along with GOLDS.
GOLDSX coin can be used as a payment method to execute payment of gold prize money, sale of gold related products, and sightseeing products linked with Golden Museum.

Some of the income from entrance fee to Golden Museum, the sales revenue of gold related products, the operating income of affiliated facilities, and the sales revenue of affiliated tourism products, will be distributed to related stakeholders via Air Drop system.

GOLDSX will be used as a way to pay for advertising fees and channel fees for various YouTube channels during the upcoming MCN (Multi Channel Network) project. GOLDSX users will receive a variety of customized benefits along with basic discounts.